Faroese Islands sheep & weather

As you might have noticed, sheep have a front seat in the Faroe Islands. Below a short video about the Faroese sheep, and it’s importance for Faroese society. I noticed that the fact that we also eat them, has no prominence in the video.

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The Nordic House

The Conference is arranged at the Nordic House. Built into the hills with grass roof, it’s like stepping into a Nordic adventure. The house is built only with Nordic materials, walk on Norwegian stones and sit in Finnish chairs. The wooden panels are from the Swedish forests and the glass and steel constructions, giving the house its special profile in the Faroese landscape, are Danish. And above it all hangs the Icelandic roof construction.

Read more about the Nordic House

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Within walking distance

Between Hotel Føroyar and the Nordic House there will be operated a shuttle bus. For those that would like to sample the fresh air on Faroe Islands, the  distance between the hotel and the conference center is less than 1.8 Km. And the distance between the Nordic House and the pool 800 meter. (The picture is of course taken out of context.)
See Google Maps with directions from Hotel Føroyar, the Nordic House and Svimjihøllin í Gundadali.

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Noodles anyone?

Lifesaving with noodles! Sounds more than an exotic dish than a lecture about Elementary Swimming Teaching. Noodles, or in swedish “Korv” which translates into sausages, is a floating device. Speaking about dishes “Hot-dog” doesn’t have a nice ring to lifesaving, so lets stick with the noodles!
Read more about Ilkka Keskinen’s lecture here.

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The Programme for the 11th Nordic Conference in Elementary Swimming Teaching, has been slightly altered. See the programme here.

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Sorry! Only rooms with a view!

A room with a view?

Sorry friends, some of you have specifically asked for at room with a view. At the magnificent 4 star Hotel Føroyar, there are only rooms with view. When you look out through your window, the capital Tórshavn is at your feet. The only thing that might disturb your breathtaking view, might be af few grassing sheeps.
Well, sorry friends! Only rooms with view!

Read more about Hotel Føroyar here

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Jens Bruun: Jigsaw Puzzle Planning

Jens Bruun’s lecture is called: Jigsaw Puzzle Planning:

Take your overall goals and split them into various skills and types of activities. Write exercises for each skill and activity, building from most easy to most difficult. Cut all the exercises into puzzle pieces and spread them on a time schedule.
On the conference I’ll show some benefits of this method and experiences working with it.

Read more about Jens here

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Hafþór Gudmundsson: Online learning for swimming Teachers and Coaches

Hafthor Gudmundsson lecture is about Online learning for Teachers and Coaches. There are out now new ways of become educated swim teacher/coach. All the theoretical knowledge you need to become a good teacher/coach is now provided at your fingertips. You can view fantastic videos to demonstrate the correct technique of swimming and get all the latest tecnical knowledge from International swimming coaches, experts and scientist, plus the technical aspects the courses also educate in all other areas of becoming a coach/teacher; such as physiology, coaching duties, planning,  leadership,  psycology and more.
Read more about Hafþór here

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Pálin Olsen & Rúni Gaardbo: Play and games in the pool

Pálin Olsen & Rúni Gaardbo lecture is called: Play and games inthe pool. Why play, when kids are suposed to learn how to swim. We going to show you different games/activities at different levels in the pool, reaching the goals of fun, learning and safety for everyone.


Read more about Pálin & Rúni here

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Elementary Swimming Teaching Faroe Islands style

Elementary Swimming Teaching Faroe Islands style. The first heated pool were built in 1950, with the main bulk of pools built in the 70’s, so learn to swim was a chilling experince in Faroe Islands. The sea was the place to learn to swim, you have to include the fact that the sea around Faroe Islands and in the fjords has an temperature of 10°, in the summer time.

Feel free to dive in!

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