Hafþór Gudmundsson

On-line learning for swimming Teachers and Coaches

There are out now new ways of become educated swim teacher/coach. All the theoretical knowledge you need to become a good teacher/coach is now provided at your fingertips. You can view fantastic videos to demonstrate the correct technique of swimming and get all the latest tecnical knowledge from International swimming coaches, experts and scientist, plus the technical aspects the courses also educate in all other areas of becoming a coach/teacher; such as physiology, coaching duties, planning,  leadership,  psycology and more.

These on-line courses will be introduced at the NEG Conference.  These courses (18 in total) are all:

  • Easily accessible,
  • Easy to read format
  • Interactive learning
  • On-line assessment
  • Certificated

These courses have been recommended by the WSCA(World  Swimming Coaches Association) Demonstration will be on the use, how they work and how can you make the most of the education

For more information  go to www.coachesinfo.com/learn