Ingi Thor Einarsson

Swimming for disability

The topics of the lecture will be:

The challenges in teach disable persons to swim, with different kind of disability.

Competition spectrum for disabled swimmers

Classification of disable swimmers

The importance of PE teachers or school swim instructors for development and recruiting of disabled swimmers.


Education resume:

1988 High school graduation
1990 – 1994 Geological Physic, University of Iceland
2002 – 2005 Educational University of Iceland BS in Sport science
2005 – 2008 Research based Ms education in Sport science (swimming) UI and Catholic university og Leuven Belgium (KUL) MS in Sport science
2009 – Research based PhD in sport science (swimming for disabled) UI and KUL


Swimming seminar:

1994 Olympic Solidarity ÍSÍ  (Örjan Madsen)
1996 Coaching Handicapped Swimmers Jens Bo)
1997 Gold medal Clinic Birmingham
1997 A-level coach Sundsamband Íslands (SSÍ)
1998 B-level coach Sundsamband Íslands (SSÍ)
1998 – 2000 C-level coach Sundsamband Íslands (SSÍ)
2001 Biomechanics of Swimming, Bosön Svíþjóð  (Bill Boomer)



Coaching resume:

1990 – 1994 Sunddeild KR Junior coach
1993 – 1997 Deaf sport association National team coach
1997 – 2000 Sundfélaga Hafnarfjaðrar Junior coach/ assistant head coach
1998 – 2004 Ösp (disability club) Head coach
1998 – 2010 NPC Iceland National team coach
2000 – 2002 

2000 – 2005

Sunddeild KR 


Head coach 

Junior national team coach

2002 – 2004 UMF Laugdæla Head coach
2004 – 2005 UMF Selfoss Head coach
2009 – 2010 NPC Belgium National team coach


Able body swimming coach career

Assistant head coach from 1994-2000 for SH.  There I worked with 5 swimmers who went to Sydney Olympics including closely with Örn Arnarson who came 4th in 200 backstroke.

Head coach for KR from 2000-2004 where I worked with/coached 7 swimmers who went to European championship and/or European junior Championship

Head coach for High performance center from 2005-2008 where I coached 3 swimmers to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  (Erla Dögg Haraldsdóttir, Árni Már Árnason, Sigrún Brá Sverrisdóttir)


Disabled swimming career

As the coach of Able body swimming I always had some of the best Icelandic disabled swimmers in my teams.

I had:

2 swimmers at Atlanta Paralympics (Kristín Rós Hákonardóttir and Ólafur Eiríksson S9)

2 swimmers in Sydney Paralympics (Kristín Rós Hákonardóttir S7 and Gunnar Örn Ólafsson S14)

1 Swimmer in Athens Paralympics (Kristín Rós Hákonardóttir S7)

1 Swimmer in Beijing Paralympics (Eyþór Þrastarson S11)

I have further worked as a National Team Director for Icelandic disability swimming since 2000, and before that as a National team coach from 1993


Other volunteer work for ÍSÍ :

1997 – National team committee for ÍF Chairman from 2001
1999 – 2002 Icelandic swimming coaching association Member of the board
2000 – 2009 Education committee SSÍ Chairman from 2002
2001 – 2009 Coaching seminars Teacher


Teaching resume:

2005-2006 Adjunkt at KHÍ Taught: First aid, pedagogic, swimming, and swimming coaching.
2006 – 2008 Adjunkt at UR Taught: First aid, swimming, exercise physiology, Biomechanics
2008-2010 Adjunkt við UI Taught: First aid, swimming, exercise physiology, Biomechanics


Published work and Reviewed publications:

Ingi Þór Einarsson.  Ms thesis from KHÍ 2008 60 ECTS.  A comparison of race parameters in Icelandic swimmers with and without intellectual disabilities, 2008

Daly, D., Einarsson, I., Van de Vliet, P., Vanlandewijck, Y. (2006). Freestyle race success in swimmers with intellectual disability. Portuguese Journal of Sport Science, 6, 294-296

Einarsson, I., Daly., „ Between and within race changes in race parameters in swimmers with intellectual disabilities.“ Conference presetings  Aquatic Space Activities (ASA) Tsukuba, Japan 2008

Presentation at conferences:

Poster at ACSM 2011.  Physical fitness of high performance swimmers with mild Intellectual disability

Ingi Þór Einarsson Jonas Martens Dan Daly Sigurbjörn Árni Arngrímsson Lower trunk muscle activity during crawl swimming in single leg amputee.  Menntakvika 2010

Sanders, R.H., McCabe, C., Machtsiras, G., Thow, J., Einarsson, I. (2011). Better times: Monitoring performance in swimming. In, N.T. Cable and K. George (Eds.) 16th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Sciences, 6-9 July, 2011, Liverpool, UK., pp. 270. Invited Lecture.

Author of three chapters in international teaching material for coaches in swimming available on the internet 2011.

The chapters are: Swimming for people with special needs, Growing swimmer and writing the session.

Poster at isbs2011. Porto. Martens, J., Einarsson, I.Þ., Schnizer, N., Staes, F. Daly, D.  Lower trunk muscle activity during front crawl swimming in a single leg amputee.

Invited oral presentation at Vista 2011 in Bonn. Einarsson, I.Þ., Martens, J., Schnizer, N., Staes, F. Daly, D.  Lower trunk muscle activity during front crawl swimming in a single leg amputee.

Oral presentation á Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming (BMS) „Is sight the only deterrent to breaststroke performance in visually impaired Paralympic swimmers?” Noregur 2010

Invited lecture at á Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming (BMS) „Applications of wireless EMG measurements in water” Noregur 2010

Oral Presentation in KUL, Belgium.  „The use of centralized database in Icelandic disability swimming“  Belgium 2008

Oral presentation at Sportmedica- eiscsa –„practical application of wireless EMG measurements in water.  Luxembourg 2008

Oral presentation at  Aquatic Space Activities (ASA) „ Between and within race changes in race parameters in swimmers with intellectual disabilities.“   Tsukuba, Japan 2008

Oral presentation in  9th Nordic conference in Elementary swimming teaching 2008. „Swim teaching and minority groups“  Selfoss 2008

Oral and practical session in Leuven, Belgium in conference about disability sport.  „from water adaptation to competition swimming“  Belgium 2007

Invited to give oral presentation 11th Nordic conference in Elementary swimming teaching 2012.  Disability swimming in the Nordic countries.  Faroe Island

Physical fitness of high performance swimmers with mild Intellectual disability. Menntakvika 2011



In Short:

I have worked with the whole age and ability range in swimmers. I have taught young disable children to swim, and I have coached several swimmers who have gone to international meets, like European, worlds, Paralympics and Olympics.  Lately I have mainly worked with very young swimmers, at the same time as I have conducted me swimming research.  I have worked at a high performance center in Belgium and Iceland where I did physical performance testing (lactated, VO2max, etc.) I have also done race analyze in few countries in Europe. I can also do Biomechanics analyze using 2D or (3D coming soon) camera system and EMG measurement.

At the moment Im one of three persons in the world that can classify S14 with status C, confirmed, and as such I do a lot of work for IPC around the world